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What We Grow

Yanta Farms is dedicated to growing the highest quality and nutritious product. We proudly stand behind our product, everything produced at Yanta Farms affects our reputation, therefore we strive to produce the best product possible. 

We currently farm over 2,500 irrigated acres of coastal Bermuda grass. Additionally, our alfalfa is outsourced from farmers who produce top quality alfalfa in the New Mexico region.

image of hay rolled up

Our Process



We fertilize every cutting with 400 lbs of fertilizer. Our irrigation is meticulously planned to ensure stress-free and healthy grass. We cut hay at the ideal stage of maturity with regard to moisture content.



We rake the hay into windrows to preserve the quality and color of the hay.



We utilize Bale Baron Accumulators so our hay comes packaged in 21 bale packages, which makes loading and unloading much easier and faster for you and us. The bundles are bound with twine rather than metal straps so disposal is easier and safer.
In addition to this, we produce round bales.

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